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"The overall purpose of this book is to encourage you, the reader, to take personal responsibility for your mental and physical health. It is not a compendium of facts or a sourced scientific treatise, nor is it meant to try to convince you of some governmental, professional, or corporate conspiracy. Rather, this book offers a possible alternative to what “is,” describing a way through which it is possible to keep yourself perfectly healthy and happy, with no more than what you buy (or don’t buy) at the local grocery store."


"Our culture and way of thinking...has caused us to work against ourselves, to work against (our internal) systems that would normally keep us healthy and happy with little to no conscious effort."


"What if we could actually control how we feel, and control our own physical and mental state? No more hangovers, coughs, or allergies. No need to spend money on sexual performance drugs, hormone therapy, testosterone injections, or any of those expensive medications doctors like to prescribe. What if we could prevent and cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s? Even the smaller nagging issues like colds, stress, hyperactivity, simple depression and a host of other chronic physical and mental problems? All that is required is a little attention to our energy intake, coupled with some selective filtering of the environment we live in, and we can keep ourselves happy and healthy. We can even avoid spending the last years of our life chained to prescription drugs, a bedpan, or wasting away in the fog of dementia."

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